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Mazlivé studentky,


We are pleasant beautiful  Czech girls. Our club was established many years ago and for all the time it keeps being a very discreet place. "MAZLIVÉ STUDENKTY" is not only the name of our club, it’s a guarantee of quality, hygiene, health and pleasant behavior of our girls. We prefer satisfaction to money. If the girl is satisfied, she smiles and shares her positive energy. If you take into account all the required and offered services, both sides, our clients and girls are satisfied and that’s our point! Many excited clients can confirm it! While recruiting new girls, we put emphasis on strict prohibition of narcotics and drugs, obligatory health prevention and preventing from thefts and other dishonest practices. Our girls have been randomly tested to detect the presence of drugs and to minimize health risks. Working hours are purposely during the day to let the girls have a rest to be still smiling and fresh. Every girl is happy to welcome you and give you joy within the services she offers. Our girls willingly decided to join us therefore please respect them and don’t force them to practices they find unpleasant. It could affect their behavior, they would feel under the pressure and that’s definitely not what we want. We hope you will be happy here because we are ready to make every your dream come true. Thank you for your favor.

1) In the basic price 1500 CZK/hour is included: classic sex with condom, blow job with condom, massage, autoeroticism, shower together or individual (if the shower is right in the room, time spent there is figured in the total time!). Every girl provides extra services for additional charges (prises).
2) The schedule of girls is created every weekend and published on the websites no later than on Sunday evening. If a girl is not in the schedule, she has a week off. If the girl quits, her profile is erased from our websites.

VIP cards:  You can buy the card with a discount 1300 Kč each but you have to buy at least 3 cards (uses for next visit). The card is totally discreet with no mention of eroticism so that you can keep it in your wallet as long as you want.


Only phone reservations possible, e-mails and SMS will be ignored.



We are looking forward to you visit. Mazlivé studentky