Breasts size: 2
Hair color: Blond
Eyes color: Modrá
Height: 165
Weight: 54
Age: 28

About me

Deniska, 28 years old.

I love it and I’m not afraid to fulfill all your secret wishes. I’m very active and very resourceful, I’m going to take full care of you. I’ll great you with a beautiful smile. I’m looking forward to seeing you. Deniska

SERVICES: Oral withaut condom and cum in mouth, position 69, clasic sex, shower, massage, autoerotic.

EXTRA SERVICES: Kissing, licking botty, foot fetish, anal for man.

When I am aviable

15. 02. 16. 02. Today 18. 02. 19. 02. 20. 02. 21. 02.
From: 12:00 To: 22:00